White sea coloursWith contributions by Benjamin Buchegger, Mikhail Tolmachev, The GULAG Histroy Museum
VAC Press/The GULAG Histroy Museum
Design: Beton

Beyond Visual Range / Außer SichtweiteEds. Katerina Chuchalina and Mikhail Tolmachev
With contributions by Iwona Blazwick, Katerina Chuchalina, Martin Schmidl,  Matthew S. Witkovsky 
VAC Press/MMKoehn Verlag
Design: Beton

CEM Almanac: issue #1V-A-C Press published the CEM Almanac, which contains the results of research conducted under the grant program of the Center for Experimental Museology.
Foto: Sofia Akhmetova

Gandy gallery: untitled (Ventilations)Editor: Gandy gallery, Bratislava
Photo credits: Adam Šakovy
Design: Tsudoi Masuda
Text: Lina Morawetz

Process: Case study in the museumCurated by Katerina Chuchalina, Anna Ilchenko, Maria Kramar
Design: Lyosha Kritsouk
Panorama of disappearanceText: Daniel Falb
Design: Paul Bowler
Drawings: Eoin Bowler
Painting: Andrea Barzaghi
With the support of the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony