untitled (ventilations)

Dust and soot on paper, 50x70cm

The achromatic colours of untitled (ventilation) are composed of the tiniest particles of earth – formless dust. Isolating matter is usually done for the purpose of truth finding by the forensic or scientific eye. And it’s not only core samples of substances, but also patterns, including wire systems laid in walls, that are often considered to be data carriers.

The abstract graphics of the original prints draw on the forensic gaze. Employing a process of documentary imaging techniques, untitled (ventilation) however reveals an imprint that opens to illusion rather than to truth finding. Each image displays an engineered pattern, providing us with a figure for an unknown fact. As an outcome of a pre-photographic mode of documentation, the work visually chronicles the ambiguity of traces, thinking out loud its affinity for observation and for the voyage of the separate fragment.