Pact of Silence

22 photographs, C-print, 7-channel sound, 2016

At the center of the piece is a photographic album from the Soviet labor camp (1923 – 1937) on the Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea.
The showing and telling of the album is a performative act, and viewing the album could be considered as a shared spectatorial experience. What happens with the album when the compiler is gone and the story is lost?
Conceiving the album as an act of communication means reconstructing the story to fill the gaps by re-awakening the actors.
Sound, like the photographic moment, is transient; it situates one in the midst of events. Vision, by contrast, situates one in front of things.
22 re-photographed traces of photographs that had been torn out of the album are shown alongside a multi-channel sound installation that re-tells the story of the album as a museum object.