Ausbeutung oder wie man
die Oberflaeche durchbricht

Beyond visual rande

Pact of silence

Line of site

untitled (ventilations)

Waiting for movement

photographic series

One of the most beautiful places


Air to land



Pact of Silence

22 photographs, C-print, 7-channel sound, 2016

The piece consists of 22 re-photographed traces of photographs that had been torn out of a photo album from the Soviet labor camp (1923 – 1937) on the Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea, alongside a multi-channel sound installation that re-tells the story of the photo album as a museum object. The work displays the photo album as a pictorial genre that is directly related to speech and storytelling. Over time, its invisible component - the story - disappears, and with it the means for understanding are lost as well. There are only photographs left for interpretation and analysis, a mnemonic device in which one might recognize a pattern: the mechanism behind the construction of a narrative.