Mikhail Tolmachev is a visual artist who investigates alternative documentary practices. 
With installations, photo etchings, and spatial interventions he examines the intersections of realism and imagination, technology and territory as well as the complicity of looking.
Mikhail studied documentary photography in Moscow and Media Arts in the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. He is based in Moscow and Leipzig. e-mail

Line of Site
12 photo etchings, 2015

Sometimes images tell more about what is outside than inside the frame. No matter how intensely one studies a peaceful landscape, something remains untold. If only one could look away.
The series of landscape photo-etchings is based on photographs taken by Russian and Ukrainian photo agencies that depict enemy artillery positions of the military forces involved in the conflict of the Donbass region in the Ukraine, which started in 2014. We will discover what can and what cannot be learned.