Ausbeutung oder wie man die Oberflaeche durchbricht

5-Channel video-installation, 2020

Ausbeutung oder wie man die Oberfläche durchbricht follows and tells a story of a restorer who studies the history of mining guided by the image by Hans Hesse located at the back of the mountain altar in the church of St. Annen in Annaberg-Buchholz.
The work is an experiment in what happens if tracing an idea or a phenomenon replaces the practice of pointing directly at it. It is preoccupied with construction - the process, the actors, and the space, as well as the image which captures the relationship between them. The five screens parallel late medieval painting style of the 16th century.

In collaboration with Paula Abalos, Emerson Culurgioni, Charlotte Eifler, Deborah Jeromin, Clemens von Wedemeyer