Mikhail Tolmachev is a visual artist who investigates alternative documentary practices. 
With installations, photo etchings, and spatial interventions he examines the intersections of realism and imagination, technology and territory as well as the complicity of looking.
Mikhail studied documentary photography in Moscow and Media Arts in the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. He is based in Moscow and Leipzig. e-mail

Another day of you and me under the conditions not of our own making

Photographic objects, 1-ch. sound, video-loop, 2018

The polystyrene photographic objects assembled for Another day of you and me under the conditions not of our own makingdepict debris of different scale and age.

It is remains of abandoned Byzantine settlements between Aleppo and Idlib in today’s Syrian Arab Republic and of contemporary ruins from the Syrian civil war. The video assembled together with the debris was filmed in Idlib in 2012. Shot by an unknown witness, the moving image does not let go of the sky. The handheld camera follows a dark object, disappearing and reappearing in the clouds. Is it a helicopter, a barrel bomb? Floating behind debris and sky a voice is talking of someone we do not know. The monologue encircles the condition of, and the fluid agency within, the relationship between spectator and event.

As an anti-narrative Another day of you and me under the conditions not of our own making is concerned with navigating the present moment of total fabrication rather than documenting an event. The entirely digital sources originate from antagonistic geographical, historic, and sociopolitical situations. Their mobilization as a moment of convergence between temporally remote and present conditions attempts to formulate observations on the vanishing gap between world and image.